Top 20 iOS Offline Games of 2017

July 14, 2017
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With the increasing number of game lovers around the world each day, there is always a dire need to look up at the newest and trending games. A number of amazing and outstanding games are available for the iOS platform. We have gathered a collection of the most popular offline games which you can play on your iOS device. Enjoy the ultimate gaming experience on your iOS device without having an active internet connection. Play anywhere, anytime!

1# Asphalt 8: Airborne (Free)

If you are a car racer addict, then this game is surely a turn on for you. Asphalt 8: Airborne is tremendously trending amongst the racers around the world. A broad range of ultra-fast and smashing cars, stunning and highly interactive graphics that keep you indulged and captivated like in a real-time environment.  Smashing 40+ high-speed racing tracks to be unleashed in Arcade mode, and what makes it more amazing is the multi-player racing experience through which you can play up to 12 opponents. Asphalt 8: Airborne is fully loaded with heavy extensions and upgrades as well, comprising of unique game modes, cars collection, career events, mastery challenges, and so on. Customize and upgrade your rides and unveil new locations and cars collection with the latest version of Asphalt Airborne:8.

2# Zombie Farm 2 (Free)

Zombies Farm 2 invokes a new gameplay for zombies where there is much more rather than just killing the zombies. This game allows you to enjoy farming techniques as you enjoy in most of the farming games, but here you’ll be farming zombies instead! Interesting, isn’t it? You can grow and harvest your very own zombies. Experiment the combination of zombies, and mutate them to come up with new kind of zombies. Choose from a range of crops and zombies to harvest them, and use your own grown zombies to get on the battlefield with the enemies by invoking zombies fight. Make your farm attractive with the ultimate and beautiful collection and play with your friends to see what they are doing on their farms! Enjoy Zombie Farm 2 with more expansions, resource packs and integrative backgrounds included in the new version.

3# Jumbline 2 ($1.99)

Jumbline 2 is an addictive and beautifully designed word game which will take you to the world of jumbled and scrambled letters. You have to make words out of the jumbled word given. You can make five, six, and seven letters word; the longest words will earn you more points and you will advance to the next level. Jumbline 2 includes two more games in it: Cloud Pop- pop as many clouds as you can by spelling the words in a cloud, and Star Tower- build the largest stack by making words out of jumbled sequence. The game is available both in timed on and time-off mode. It’s a fun game, play with your friends’ globally to compete for their score and get noticed on the leader board. Enjoy this game with updated word list and updated dictionary in the updated version.

4# Crossy Road - Endless Arcade Hopper (Free)

Crossy Road is basically an arcade game which I loved by the people of all ages. It is a fun and addictive game in which the main motto is to go as far as possible without dying. You will be playing a character of a chicken, although you can choose a character among 145 different characters. As you advance towards the game, you’ll be encountered different obstacles like rivers, cars, and trains; which cause you a certain death. But you have to make your way surpassing those obstacles by tapping, jumping, and moving, and also collecting the coins alongside. Unlock different characters, rewards, by collecting coins and hourly bonuses. Keep swapping between your favorite Disney characters and enjoy this addictive game.

5# Texas Holdem Offline Poker (Free)

If you love playing Poker, then this game is exclusively designed for you! It offers the best offline Poker game ever. Now you can play poker anywhere, anytime, also all alone when you don’t feel like playing multi-player. It is the best time-killer and interesting game as well. If you are new to poker then don’t need to worry, this game has got beginner’s guide which helps you in the gameplay in early stages of the game. It is smartly built with Artificial Intelligence to give you a tough time with opponents. The game offers five different levels of gameplay. You will enjoy every bit of game with amazing and stunning high-quality graphics, powerful yet smooth animations, and captivating and realistic sound effects.

6# Letterpress – Word Game (Free)

Letterpress is simply a unique, fun and challenging word game which has become very much popular because of its challenging, real-time playing and deceptive techniques. In this game, you have to compete against other players around the globe. You can either choose your own player, or Letterpress finds an opponent for you. Get notified when it’s your turn, chat in real-time, and track your performance on the leader board where you can find all the statistics of your gameplay.  It’s got an amazing and user-friendly interface which is customizable too. Gear up in the battlefield of words with a new and updated dictionary, and get your position on the leaderboard.


Street Fighter IV volt is one of the smashing and fighting game available on iTunes which is loved by a huge group of action-games loving people around the world. In this game, you can create your own avatar, train them and enter into the world of battleship, you can team up with your friends to enter into the battle network, and once you have registered your team there, you can always play as a team and become competent to fight for the top ranking position from the teams over network. Choose from 22 different characters, and make the changes in your avatar by different available icons and status. Gain points and rewards by fighting; also you can view winning percentage against different characters you played. Gear up for the most smashing battlefield with multi-player option!

8# Pocket Frogs - Free pet farming (Free)

Pocket frogs are probably the best frog game you have come across ever. It includes collecting, yachting, and trading the froggies. Discover over 35,000 new frogs and breed the frogs yourself. You will surely enjoy breeding the frogs, yachting them, discovering the new breed, trading them with your friends with beautifully designed high-quality graphics. Get a diverse and unique collection of frogs by breeding them. You can customize and habitat your won frogs, enjoy different in-games items new each day and explore the rare and diversified frog’s breed in the pond, where you’ll also find different rewards as well. Unleash rewards and also see what your friends are up to!

9# Smurfs' Village (Free)

Smurf’s Village has emerged as one of the most interesting and best village building play game in recent times. It is built a spot on keeping in mind the storyline of Smurfs. You can build your own Smurf’s village by building new mushroom homes, huts, bridges, bakeries and so on. The game lets you play with your favorite Smurfs, as the whole Smurf family is right here for you, also comprising of mini-game plays with each of the associated Smurf. Harvest your smurf berries to get more of the crops and expand your blue village by decorating with gardens, flower chairs, hammocks and much more. You can play in offline mode either to manage your very own created Smurf’s village.

10# Bakery Town (Free)

Do you like baking? Love to decorate the cake and make scrumptious yummy delights? Become a chef and start baking delicious cakes, yummilicious cookies, soothing pies, milkshakes, tea, coffee and much more. Prepare delicious delights and add items to your menu to grab more customers. The yummy the items, the more the customers. Decorate your very own bakery with the items of your choice; walls, windows, doors, appliances and much more to make it more beautiful and appealing. Items and menu upgrades will eventually earn you more money. Expand your business by employing more chefs with extraordinary skills, expand you bakery area, and you can even add floors to your bakery. Display your edible masterpieces and get hands-on on become a dream chef.

11# Criminal Case

The criminal case is user’s all-time favorite and an addictive case-solving game where you join the police of Grimsborough to solve the murder mysteries and cases each one by one as advancing towards to next level. Investigate the crime scenes, look up for the clues, bring the suspects for questioning, gather all the findings and find out who is the real culprit; interrogate them and witnesses as well. You’ll be encountering deadly corrupt and liars throughout your whole investigation. You’ll have to But you have to analyze the clues very carefully and samples to look for the strong evidence to catch the culprit. Play with your friends to unleash your detective skills.

12# Solitaire (Free)

Solitaire has always been the all-time favorite game right from your PC era. If you like Windows Solitaire, then you will surely like this game. Solitaire for iOS has come up with more new features and options to make the basic game more interesting. The creators are aimed to recreate the classic gameplay of Solitaire by introducing daily challenges for each day which earns you crowns and trophies. There are different beautiful themes for Christmas, spring, Rainy Day and so on. Play as a single players or multi-players by either with your friends or random player.  Enjoy daily challenges on Apple watch as well. If you face difficulty in winning, the winning deal feature is there to help you out. Play with strategy and customizable options to make the game more interesting.

13# Happy Mall Story (Free)

Happy Mall Story is a fun and amusing shopping mall simulation game where you can build your own shopping mall, build the shops of your choice, and make the shoppers happy. It is widely loved by people of all ages, especially girls, group of friends and everyone who loves shopping. Design and build your own shops with personalized and unique decorations. There are cute and tiny sim type shoppers for your virtual mall. Ranging from fashion to restaurants, you can create anything that attracts customers and to cater every sort of shoppers by building miscellaneous shops which are upgradable as well. Upgrade and customize shops and malls by expanding are around them to make it a huge tower. Play with your friends to enhance your mall building experience and get more shoppers around.

14# UNO ™ & Friends (Free)

UNO is the most fun and entertaining card game which is loved by people around the world. UNO ™ & Friends lets you play this amazing card game with your friends, family and connect you to millions of the people around the world. Just connect to the UNI network and start playing the game.  It’s a very quick and easy to learn game which you will enjoy and feel hard to quit. Play a number of tournaments and challenges to get mastery. You can use boots and companions to broaden your horizons of the strategic gameplay. Team up with your friends, and play 2vs2 to enhance winning chances. Play and win to get more chances for level advancements and maintain your position on the charts.

15# Dream League Soccer (Free)

The Dream League Soccer gives you the experience of authentic soccer league by giving you the freedom to create, customize and control your own dream soccer league team which features real FIFPro™ licensed superstars. This game contains very realistic animations and tactical AI that provides a very exciting and challenging experience. The highly rich content game is extremely customizable as well, that mean you can build your own stadium, develop your players and kits according to your preference. You can also compete with your teams against the other teams online. You can also sync your progress to iCloud and play across various devices. It includes ReplayKitLive support which allows you to save and share your favorite moments with your friends.

16# Sporcle ($2.99)

Sporcle is a one of the most popular and trending trivia application available on Apple store. It’s a trivia application basically which comes along with different sorts of quizzes available for you each day. Now you can enjoy new quizzes each day and have downloaded them on your iOS device. This app basically brings the quizzes from the most addictive site of the quiz, Sporcle, to your iOS device; where you can find quizzes on the subject of your interest. Be it any sports, entertainment, Hollywood, health, education or so on, you can always have quizzes and other entertainment games available and you can experience ultimate fun. Other challenges are also available to give you a tough time. Just download Sporcle on your iOS device and have hours of fun and entertainment.

17# Fashion Design World (Free)

Fashion design World is exclusively built for all the fashion lovers out there. You can create your own fashion store where you can create the clothes of your choice. Manufacture the clothes, set up your own clothing line, put them on the stands and sell them to the customers. Hire the sales staff to expand and enhance your sale. Decorate your own fashion store and make it stylish to stand out more prominent than others. Design your own boutique and get ready for a fashion show. Create your own fashion world and manage it all by yourself, bring new fashion to your stores and get the handsome sale. Download this beautiful and fun game now and become an owner of your own fashion store.

18# SimCity BuildIt (Free)

SimCity is undoubtedly one of the hot favorite games of all of us since we started playing it on our PCs. Build your own city comprising of beautiful houses and buildings and eye-catching and vivid graphics.  Design your city by smart and wisely placement of buildings to efficiently use the expanded space. Bring your city to life by facing different natural changes, trading, and resources utilization; build high-tech buildings, get to know about natural disasters and so on. As an owner, keep your citizens happy by fulfilling their indispensable necessities and building villas, malls, cinemas, auditoriums, film sets; providing them hi-fi city life. Solve social issues; provide them opportunities, just like a Mayor do! Compete with your friends to stand out best among mayors and earn rewards which will give benefit to your city.

19# Mahjong Deluxe ($0.99)

Mahjong is an all-time favorite solitaire game which is based on classic Chinese game, where the games is to eliminate all the cards on the board. The game consists of tiles based on Chinese characters such as letters, symbols etc. You have to find the matching pair of tiles in order to eliminate from the board. Search for the right or left ends to find the matching pair or pick up the top card; all you have to do is to play smartly in order to eliminate all the tiles from the board. The games have got 12 beautiful themes, with 168 different layouts to give you a wide variety of puzzle to play; each time with different tiles. Enjoy this game with different backgrounds and soothing background music.

20# Temple Run 2 (Free)

Temple Run 2 is the sequel of the most adventurous and smashing game Temple Run. Temple Run 2 has come up with more new adventures, features, and much more. Run trough different forests, temples, mines and zip lines to run as far as possible from the cursed idol in the hidden temple. Now enjoy running in a dazzling environment with vivid graphics and astounding sound effects; along with more obstacles in your way. This sequel has introduced more power-ups and achievements upon completion of different missions. Each character has also been upgraded with more unique and extraordinary powers. It’s a very fast, adventurous and addictive game, which you can find on every second iOS phone.

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