8 Tricks To Dry & Fix A Water Drowned iPhone/iPad

July 11, 2017
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How painful it is when you expose your iPhone to water. And you are worried like hell, for the data, the contacts, and even disposing of the device if it doesn’t function properly. It can happen to anyone, or with anyone, you can drop your iPhone in the bath, in the toilet, or even water can be spilled over the iPhone. Mishaps can happen to anyone, anywhere, and that too without your concern.

One of the saddest thing that can happen to your iPhone is either it can be dumped in a puddle, or on road. The screen will be broken that is the first thing that can happen, however, water getting into the iPhone is the next thing. That is what we are going to be discussing today, “How to rescue the waterlogged or dry iPhone from damage”. One thing you should know is that, once you iPhone gets exposed or takes a dump in water, it is not necessarily done and dusted. Chances are, the iPhone might still survive.


Following are some amazing hacks to dry and fix your water drowned iPhone or iPad:

1) Dump in Water:

Got your iPhone dumped in the water? Worried about whether it works or not? Don’t worry if it was a short trip inside the water, all may not be lost. With the following measures, you may make your iPhone come back to alive. But we can’t assure whether it’s going to work or not.

2) Wipe the Interior & Exterior:

Before doing anything, I’d advise you not to turn on the iPhone at any situation. Take your sim out, and if possible the battery as well. Turning the phone on immediately will result in short circuits that are not what you want to happen. Wipe off the water and liquid from everything you can reach within the iPhone. Gently shake after turning your phone upside down (which clears the sockets).

3) Switch Off:

One thing you got to make sure, is that keep your iPhone turned off, as long as it is wet. This results in short circuits and will be causing long term damage. Preventing it is what you have got to do firstly. One thing that causes an itch can be, keeping your iPhone in sleep mode or switched on when you dropped it in water. I would prefer turning the iPhone on, before turning it off completely. But if the iPhone was on Airplane mode, and you won’t be getting any notifications, wake up the iPhone after next 48 hours.

4) Drying:

The next thing to look for is how to dry your iPhone manually. Some of you may want to use the hair-dryer to dry out the moisture from within your iPhone. But such heat treatments can and will damage the inner components of your iPhone.


Many people even prefer putting your iPhone in a bowl of uncooked rice. Leave the iPhone covered in uncooked rice for next 48 hours. The rice is supposed to absorb the moisture in an effective manner.
A more effective way is using silica gel.

5) Dismantle:

Well obviously the most effective way for you all to get water dried out of your iPhone, is to reach inside the iPhone and dry from within. Taking the battery out decreases and prevents the possibilities of short circuits. For this, you will need to unscrew the bottom screws of the iPhone using propriety type of screwdriver head (comes with iPhone repair kits & accessories).

I don’t really want to recommend this to you all, but in a few cases, this might be the only solution to your problem.


6) Have a look at it:

Once you have left your device for drying, and after few days you are confident and sure that the device is dried up. You can switch your device on, and can even get the iPhone checked by the “ask an Apple Genius”. However, a bad submersion may cause long-term damage to your iOS device. If fortunately, the device works, then be confident in making a backup of your files.

7) Waterproof Cases:

Well, its better to be precautious rather than later regretting being careless about your iPhone device. This is no trick, however, a precaution step about warning you to take care of your iPhone, avoid using on the beach, or during bath as accidents can happen anytime anywhere. Its best you stay ready for such problems. If you really want to use iPhones near the lake, or the beach or the pool its better you get iPhone the waterproof cases. As exposure to water may lead to short-circuits within the iPhone.


8) iOS 10 and Water Detection:

Well, can really iOS help in protecting the wet iPhone? Yes, it can. How? that we are going to talk about now. iOS 10 has the feature to detect when water is getting into your iPhone (through the lightning port). It flashes up the warning “Disconnect Lightning Accessory: Liquid has been detected in the Lightning connector”. It does help in minor water exposures but obviously, can’t say about full submersions.

Final Verdict:

Our iPhones carry lots of our valuable data that we don’t want to lose by any means. It’s better to take care of our devices. If it is dropped in water, there are no sureties whether it is going to work or not. However, preventing it is what I recommend you to do. And for that keep your device away from places where it can get dumped in the water.

Hope such a mishap never happens to your iPhone or even iPad or iPod. But if it does happen, you should be well prepared for that. As the saying goes, precaution is better than cure.

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