Interview With Haseeb Iqbal iOS Developer

August 24, 2017
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Haseeb Iqbal is a Software enthusiast based in Kiel City, Germany. Have a passion for Software Engineering. Currently Studying MSc Information Engineering in University of Applied Sciences, Kiel and working at Buchner GmbH in Kiel.At personal level, I’m crazy about football.I love playing football, traveling, hanging out with friends, meet new people and make friends.For indoor activities I like talking, snooker, table-soccer, swimming, bowling, TV Seasons, movies, music, social media, studying latest technologies

iOSAppers : So how was the beginning?

Haseeb Iqbal : I started learning iOS development in my bachelors, before starting my final year project. I had interest in it so i figured out, this is the best time to start.

iOSAppers : Was it difficult?

Haseeb Iqbal : Not really, i already had worked a lot in MVC in PHP(Code-igniter) along side my studies. I asked one of my seniors, who was working as iOS Developer, to guide me about basics. After explanation of an hour or two, i got pretty good idea about workflow of iOS development and XCode. I started practicing and by the end of week, i started iOS portion of my final year project.

iOSAppers : You have develop applications?

Haseeb Iqbal : My work duration was pretty less in Pakistan but Yes, i’ve worked on some professional iOS applications.

iOSAppers :How was the experience ?

Haseeb Iqbal : Soon after my bachelors, i started working as iOS developer at Innvente SDS, Islamabad. My lead was very helping and guiding. He started sharing very useful links for best practices to follow, that helped me a lot in the start. After working for a year there, i got a offer to work on site(in Telenor Pakistan) by Evamp&Saanga. As it was a great opportunity to work with a large team and in more demanding environment so i took it. There, mostly my services were taken to work on a new project called EasyPaisa. As Telenor Pakistan has a lot of IT companies (local and international) on board, so i had opportunity to attend the meetings with highly experienced teams, and to see how multiple companies can work together, What are the difficulties of working in a cross cultural environment and How to handle pressure e.t.c. As EasyPaisa involved real life transactions with banks and other authorities, so to take care of security prospective was one of the great thing i learnt. Implementation of sizing-classes and auto-layouts, and using best practices out there to manage the application in future, was another interesting thing.

iOSAppers : How many apps have you developed till now and which is your fav app that you have developed?

Haseeb Iqbal : Professionally, I’ve  worked on 6 applications. Two of them was for Telenor Pakistan. EasyPaisa is one of my favourite application i’ve worked on.

iOSAppers : Which type of app you like most ? Tell me the name of any app you like most.

Haseeb Iqbal : I usually like the applications including real life transactions. The application of Deutsche-Bank is one of my favorite application.

iOSAppers : Who is your favourite developer or agency that inspire you most?

Note : You can follow him further : Haseeb Iqbal

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