Imagine an app so good that Apple acquired and did not kill it off, the Apple Design Award winner of 2015 Workflow is one such rare app. The easy to use optimization app had been popular even before it was bought by Apple and made available for free to all iPhone and iPad users. The Workflow app allows you to create “workflows” that combine multi-step functions across apps into a single step that can be completed in one tap, which is a huge time saver and productivity enhancer for professionals. It is cool because it allows you to mix and match hundreds of actions to create quick shortcuts, simplifying tasks and letting you do more in lesser time and now all for free. Sounds promising!


The Workflow app is one hell of a feature rich app which I cannot possibly squeeze into one review, its impressive ability to simplify and optimize tasks have rightfully earned the app a place among the most powerful iOS apps. Therefore, to make it simpler I will be touching upon the various Workflows or features that I found to be most useful.


This is essentially what the app is all about, the Workflows are a combination of different tasks combined into one. Preexisting Workflows that have been created and shared by others can be downloaded, customized and used or you can also create your own workflow from scratch with a few simple steps which the Workflow app will guide you through. There is, however, a learning curve involved, but once you get the hang of it after using and experimenting with the app for a few days you can do plenty of cool things with the app.

Grouping Multi-app Actions: What’s  special about Workflows capabilities that it enables you to create workflows that group together multi-app actions offering amazing process management that is a time saver, to say the least. One good example of workflows that group multi-app actions would be the ability the workflow that texts your travel time to your desired contact. This particular workflow is definitely home screen worthy because with a single tap Workflow will search your location, automatically calculate the travel time using Apple Maps driving direction and then send a text message to your desired contact when you’ll reach home.

Workflows for Work and Play: Workflow’s functionality isn’t limited to optimizing your work productivity and all the serious stuff, there are also a wide variety of workflows specially designed for the fun stuff as well. For instance, you can make workflows that create GIFs of photos from your camera roll or post a meme with just a simple tap. This goes to show that Workflow is not only extremely powerful; it is also flexible, which makes it such a great app. You can read the new and so much more with this one app. I am thoroughly impressed by its flexibility.

User Interface

As great as this app is, it might now be the simplest to figure out. Like I have mentioned earlier, there is a learning curve that you must complete to reap full benefits from the app. However, once you know what you need to do and how to do it, it is pretty much smooth sailing from there. Also, consider how much can be done with this one single app, the developers have done a pretty good job in keeping things as simple as possible. Things look clean and organized.

Limitation: Although the Workflow now belongs to Apple, and they made the app for free, the app is a third party app and therefore has a few limitations.

Uncertain Future: Although after the acquisition, Apple kept the Workflow app alive, it future for now looks uncertain after reports emerged that Apple has no future updates planned for the app, which has led many people to speculate that Workflow might see the same fate as many other apps that Apple has bought had to face – a subsequent death. The main reason behind this move, maybe Apple wants to develop their own optimization app that overcomes the limitation of Workflow.

Bottom line

This is a good one! And since the app is now available for free, I see no reasons for you not to try out this app because the Workflow app has a lot to offer to almost every, so go for it. After experiencing the app for myself I can totally understand why this has been such a highly rated app. It is really unfortunate though about its uncertain future but for now, Workflow app for the iOS is a must have in my books.  

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Compatible Devices iPad, iPhone, iPod
Version Off App 1.7.4
Version Requires iOS 8.0 or later
Size 115 MB
Developer Apple
Genre Productivity

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