An app that helps drivers avoid the traffic jams, Waze is a top rated app from the developers Waze Mobile Israel based team Ehud Shabtai, Amir Shinar and Uri Levine, and was later acquired by Google. As a traffic and navigation app, Waze is a community-based app that allows drivers to receive and share real-time traffic and road information. With an intuitive interface and an innovative system that is different from the conventional GPS, it is pretty easy to see why Waze has gained so much popularity among users of both iOS and Android platforms. Waze has established itself in multiple countries around the world with complete base maps for the US, UK, Germany, France and much more. Over 65 million active users are on the app on a monthly basis.


A general rule of the thumb for the success of any app is to offer people something that other apps and systems do not offer and Waze has been successful at delivering just that. Being a community-based traffic and navigation app it does not rely on data provided by city officials; this means that other users of the app and Waze’s unique algorithms provide the directions, estimated time and most importantly the traffic updates. Understandably, there are plenty of interesting features, let’s explore some

Drivers helping drivers:

This is what the app is all about – real-time traffic information! Waze has built a sense of community among drivers that communicate and share traffic information such as travel times, traffic conditions, accidents, and other important route details. With all this information collected from millions of users, Waze is able to suggest the most efficient route for users that would allow them to reach faster, save money and most importantly avoid wasting time in traffic jams.

  • GPS but Better:
    Just like most GPS systems, Waze has voice navigation, which can be turned on or off according to user preference, but Waze takes this feature up a notch by adding a layer of fun and entertainment with pop-ups of movie lines and having celebrity voices guide users to the destination. The preferences can be chosen in the settings section, there is nothing like having the pleasure of Elvis’s voice announce the directions.
  • No Mores Guessing the Gas Prices:
    Among the assortment of information the Waze app provides, it also offers information about gas prices, type of gas, the next gas station and the brand, which has been collected through the aforementioned real-time traffic information feature. Users just have to tap the “navigate map” and then the “gas” icon to get the information. I believe this is a really effective feature that is great if you are low on gas.
  • Add The Friends:
    Users can also add their Facebook friends to the app. This way users can share their estimated time of arrival with their friends.
  • Become Invisible:
    For the users who are concerned about their privacy, Waze has a go invisible option that keeps the whereabouts of the user hidden from other users.

Automatic Re-routing:

What is amazing about Waze that really sets it apart from all other apps that the system is pretty much alive due to the real-time community-based traffic reporting, which means the app will reroute the users on a daily basis if there is a traffic jam, accident, road closure or other reasons.

  • Live Maps:
    The maps in the app are also constantly updated by the Waze map team, according to the data they are receiving from their users.
  • The Mandatory Google Maps and Waze comparison:
    This is one of the most common comparisons made to find out which app performs better, well the answers is if you are a driver then it has to be Waze due to its real-time traffic reports.
  • User Interface:
    The user interface for the app is really nice, it is pretty simple to log in and get going when the first time the app is set up, from there. The reporting button is placed on the right-hand side and the destinations can easily search after tapping the search button on the left-hand corner. The interface is clean, and simple, which is highly suitable to use while you are in the car.

Bottom Line

Waze is a GPS app but much better, the concept and the execution are spot on. It is hard to believe that such a useful app is available for free. If you are a driver then the Waze app is a must for you, if you are walking to your destination, then I would suggest you skip this one. Overall, Waze is a must have app.

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Compatible Devices iPad, iPhone, iPod
Version Off App 4.27
Version Requires iOS 8.0 or later
Size 100 MB
Developer Waze
Genre Navigation

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