Aren’t we all looking for an on-screen keyboard that makes typing fast, efficient and enjoyable? We several options now available, choosing the best on-screen keyboard is a very difficult task. Do not worry because I will introduce you to a widely popular and one of the most recommended Keyboard app of current times, the ‘SwiftKey Keyboard’.  This app has more than 300 million users, and the numbers are growing. SwiftKey’s popularity cannot be denied because it is the top choice of every tech savvy. If you aren’t aware of what SwiftKey Keyboard is all about and why it is so popular, do not worry because this review will update you with all the information you need about SwiftKey Keyboard, and to be honest, once you would be done reading this review, you would be convinced that your iPhone seriously needs this keyboard.


SwiftKey is jam-packed with amazing features, this is what gives SwiftKey an edge over all the other keyboard apps that are currently available. So, let’s see what SwiftKey has to offer – following are some of the top features of SwiftKey Keyboard:

  • No more frustrating typos because SwiftKey offers efficient autocorrect – that actually works.
  • No need to type extra now because SwiftKey’s smartly learns your writing style and predicts your next word with uncanny accuracy.
  • No need to type the complete word because SwiftKey’s auto-completes your words efficiently.
  • No need to touch and type because you can slide from letter to letter and SwiftKey Flow will complete/type your word.
  • No need to go back if you have missed a space because SwiftKey will smartly insert missed spaces for you.
  • No need to worry because you can write in your language by simply choosing your language from SwiftKey’s languages list.
  • No pressure, you can write in two different languages at one time.
  • No need to teach SwiftKey everything because auto learns your social profiles and makes predictions.
  • No need to search for an emoticon every time because SwiftKey also predicts emojis.
  • No worries, you can now apply themes to make your SwiftKey Keyboard more appealing.  
  • No need to SwiftKey also offers seamless back-up and sync across your devices.



SwiftKey announced in May that they have hit another milestone as they now offer 100 languages, but in the recent update SwiftKey has added 15 more languages, including Akan (Twi), Egyptian Arabic, Bambara, Dagbani, Jola-Fonyi, Ewe, Gujlish, Greenlandic, Lingala, Latgalian, Mossi, Northern Sami, Shona, Tanglish, and Wolof. So, it is okay to say that SwiftKey is Global and it offers more languages than most of us even know about. If that is not it, SwiftKey also allows bilingual typing.


The team of SwiftKey keeps itself updated with the feedback of the users, this is the reason why they are able to successfully improve the user experience and are able to improve the app according to the demands of the users. SwiftKey has recently updated the app has added emoji prediction and 800 emojis to choose from. SwiftKey stated, “You will find a new emoji prediction panel when you tap on the regular emoji key. Once you’ve typed something and tap the emoji key, you’ll see a selection of 18 emoji that match your sentence, making it faster than ever to find the perfect one to go with any message”.

SwiftKey has also added a new ‘Oxygen’ theme, which includes Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Light Blue, Blue, Purple and Pink color. And as mentioned previously, they have also added 15 new languages in their language list. SwiftKey plans to further improve the app, so let’s see what SwiftKey comes up with next.


This is one of the biggest reasons for SwiftKey’s popularity. The developers have kept the user-interface of SwiftKey simple and practical. You can simply download the app and start using it without gathering any information about how to use the app. The smart features like autocorrect, autocomplete, auto-predict, auto-learn, and auto-sync enhance the experience of using SwiftKey Keyboard. As the team of SwiftKey is consistently making efforts to improve the app, add more features to improve the user experience – there is no chance that you would want to switch back to your iOS Quick Type App once you get used to SwiftKey.

App’s Popularity

With more than 300 million users, it is pointless to question the popularity of SwiftKey. Through the years SwiftKey has proved itself by consistently providing efficient service and by improving itself according to the needs of the users and by delivering efficiency beyond expectation. The popularity of SwiftKey might get a sudden boost because Windows has recently announced something huge that would completely go in SwiftKey’s favor.

Goodbye Word Flow

Windows has recently announced they have killed ‘Word Flow’, the Windows Phone keyboard that Windows released for iOS a year ago. Many people loved this on-screen keyboard; so, sad news for them, but now you will not be able to find Word Flow on iTunes. Experts are saying that Windows has taken this action in order to make SwiftKey more popular, as Windows acquired SwiftKey in February 2016. Now Windows is encouraging people to use SwiftKey – the Windows Central stated, “The Word Flow experiment is now complete! We encourage you to download the SwiftKey Keyboard from the App Store”. So, now it is the time to say Goodbye to Word Flow.

Bottom line

Without a doubt, SwiftKey offers more features than iOS’s Quick Type. With a wide range of features, SwiftKey is most definitely a better choice than Quick Type. No doubt that Apple makes the smartest hardware, but when it comes to software and especially on-screen keyboard, then there are most definitely better choices like SwiftKey available. So, if you are looking for a smarter, faster and more efficient on-screen keyboard, then you will not be disappointed by SwiftKey Keyboard.

So, are you convinced now that you need SwiftKey on your iPhone? If yes, then please give it a try and enjoy!

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