Are you tired of having to open your internet browser and searching for the current weather conditions every time you want to know about the weather? Then subscribe to Seasonality Go right now and you will not regret speding a few dollars on such an efficacious app. This app brings the weather centER  to you and gives you coverage of more than 65,000 pre-demarcated regions in more than 200 countries around the globe. You can also use your iPhone’s or iPad’s built-in GPS to get  the precise local weather data anywhere in the world. You not only get access to the weather forecast for the next 7 days but also the record of the past four days and the present weather conditions. So, if you are planning on a trip, or have concerns about the weather elsewhere or you are just a weather enthusiast then wait no more and install Seasonality Go right this instant.


Seasonality Go developed by Gaucha Software offers you remarkable coverage area all around the world and weather forecasting capabilities. From amazing maps, animations and graphs to outstanding and accurate weather updates, Seasonality Go is the weather app that has it all. No matter if you are standing in Germany, USA or Australia Seasonality Go will give you the most accurate analysis on weather right from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. With just one tap you will be able to gather weather information of multiple destinations for the next two weeks. It is almost like having your very own weather center right on your device.

Coverage Area:

Seasonality Go has a coverage area of more than sixty-five thousand regions all around the globe while data is collected from over 200 countries. Although there are some features which are still unavailable in countries other than United States of America, Guam, and Puerto Rico, but they are working very hard on it so do not worry, soon you will be able to enjoy all of the features that are being offered by Seasonality Go anywhere in the world.

Weather Forecasting Capabilities:

It not only keeps you updated with the current weather conditions but also forecasts weather for the next 7 days and also keeps a weather history of past four days, making it easier for weather trackers to maintain a weather journal. Following is a brief account of how Seasonality Go works and what weather capabilities it offers:

  • 7-day Forecast:

Within the US, Alaska, Hawaii and Guam, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, a 5km, 6km, 2.5km, 1.25km grid is used respectively to forecast the weather from the National Weather Service.

Whereas, in regions other than those mentioned above, a 25km grid is used by a 0.25-degree GFS model output to forecast data.

Seasonality Go does not only keep you up to date with the current conditions and forecasts live weather,  but by using this app you can also track many advanced parameters such as wind velocity, the probability of precipitation, cloud cover, pressure, snowfall, wave height, etc.

  • Hourly Forecast:

Every three hours, most of the data such as temperature, humidity, wind velocity, precipitation, cloud cover and rain probability are done through National Weather Service in the United States. While countries out of US, data is updated from a 0.25-degree GFS model output, every 3 hours.

  • Astronomical Data:

Seasonality Go also gives you plethora of astronomical data for example sunrise and sunset timings and the phases of the moon, etc. This facility is available in the United States as well as other countries. The data is locally computed.

  • Graphs:There are graphs for 10 weather parameters which include:
    • Temperature
    • Wind velocity
    • Precipitation
    • cloud cover
    • Humidity
    • Pressure
    • Probability of precipitation
    • Liquid Precipitation
    • Snowfall
    • Wave height

Most of the graphs for different parameters are plotted every 6 hours out to 72 or 120 hours. These graphs can zoomed in or out for visibility purposes.

Weather animation:

A weather map is animated using Radar Imagery in the United States, Australia, and Canada but not in other countries. in other countries worldwide, infrared satellite imagery is used to animate the weather.

Radar Features:

Seasonality Go also provides Radar Imagery which is an application of Radar using which you can create 2D images of landscapes and oceans. Images are recorded via Computer and an antenna. This facility is available for US, Australia, and Canada. Unfortunately, this facility is not yet available in the rest of the countries. Base Reflectivity is used as the standard technique for Radar imagery which uses the energy reflected back to the radar to create an image.


The most amazing feature of Seasonality Go which sets it apart from other weather applications is that it allows the weather enthusiasts to customize their screens.

For customization go to the settings pane, choose the option “edit layout” button. Here you can move and resize each pane, not only that you can resize it using pinch-zoom gestures which makes this app very easy to use. It gives you a very nice layout too unlike other weather forecasting apps. You can add multiple screens if you want to track different parameters in different locations around the globe.


Weather alerts are provided depending on the current conditions of the selected region.

Other Special Features:

Besides giving you the basic information regarding the current conditions such as the temperature, wind speed, humidity, and so on, Seasonality Go offers a little extra and this richness of data and information requires some getting used to, which takes time but eventually you will like having a sort of weather centre in your device. Following are the two special features which give this app edge over the others:

  • Surface Analysis Map: Seasonality Go provides many extra features that you can enjoy such as a surface analysis map layer which shows the fronts as well as high and low-pressure regions. This feature is available in the entire United States, North America and the oceans in the vicinity.
  • Particle Mode: The second special feature is called “Particle Mode”. It is basically a wind simulator, meaning it simulates the wind which blows over objects around you. Basically, it will tell you in which direction the wind is blowing or how is it interacting with weather fronts.

Bottom Line

This subscription-based weather app offers you way more than you need but if you are passionate about keeping a track of weather or if you want to maintain a weather journal than this app is a must have.

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Compatible Devices iPad, iPhone, iPod
Version Off App 3.2.1
Version iOS 8.0 Or Later
Size 45.5 MB
Developer Gaucho Software, LLC
Genre Weather

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