Are you a news freak? Do you find it impossible to go about the day without knowing what is happening in the world? Do you always feel the need to keep your tabs on your area of expertise? Do you regularly scan through your whole newspaper every morning but sometimes you are in a rush and are unable to get your daily dose of news? Well worry not because in this application review I will be discussing this very informative news app.


This app comes with some really interesting and cool features. The developers have really made it this app worth the money. It is not just another news reading app. It is filled with cool and new features hardly available in other apps I have explored. Scan through the whole review as I discuss them with you all.

Trending News:

As any other news app or even a channel should be quick in relaying the latest news to their viewers this application is also prompt in delivering what’s happening around the world and up-to-date news. It is not only efficient in such but also provides quite a neat way of browsing through the trending topics which are organized in a very orderly manner on the home screen. One of the interesting and unique thing about this app regarding the views of the trending news is that it filters the latest and trending news based on the reader’s choices and preferences. Stacked immaculately in one corner of the home screen with filtered trends, this feature is a win win.

From what’s happening around the world to how well your favourite baseball team played to the weather forecast of your area you name it and Pulp will inform you about it. Pulp is versatile and it has everything in it.


Pulp notifies the reader instantly of the trending news and latest articles on their favorite topics.If there is any article or a feed you have missed or left unread then the amount of articles which are pending to be read in any particular category will show on top of the bar of that specific category.


Pulp gives the reader a wide range of customizable features. In this app you have the freedom to be your own editor.  You can make your own list of categories in order to separate your feeds. You can then modify the layout of each and every page according to your own preferences. You can add, remove or even resize the columns you want see on your news page. You can then add the feeds of your choice in those columns. Change the style, appearance, rules and much more. Each layout will be your own. Remember you are the designer, the editor of your newspaper at Pulp.

Supported Languages:

Pulp at this moment only supports the English language. Although personally being a multilingual, I would prefer if they offer more languages to read the feed in. And I think people who are not familiar with English as their first language should also have an access to more languages so that their experience becomes easier than it already is and far more enjoyable.

Live Streaming Features:

Since it is just a news reading app it doesn’t have any live streaming features for its readers. But I think a live podcast along with the articles would boost the news reading experience making the app efficient and the user happier. It will also make the user aware of the views of professionals and how they see it in order to help understand them about the foregoing situations well.

Share Option:

Pulp is a front runner when it comes to sharing or importing feeds. It has the ability to import feeds from Safari, Google Reader, Mail and OPML files. Not only Pulp has the feature of emailing the link of the news article or feed but it can also share articles on Readability, Read It Later, Instapaper, Facebook and Twitter.

Add to Favorites Feature:

You can also add feeds and categories that you browse frequently or are your special interests in your favorites. Moreover, pulp also gives you the freedom to add the articles to your read it later lists so that they are in one place and that you can easily access them in the time when you are free.

Other Special Features:

  • An impressive, hand designed user interface that just elegantly turns your gadget screen into an efficient virtual newspaper.
  • Easy subscription to the feeds by just searching for the name or the keyword.
  • With Magic Reader you can access your full articles. This special features helps you read the full length of an article in one go on the same page as the abstract rather than taking you to different page and creating a hustle and confusion.
  • It also has an integration of a iCloud feature. With this you can easily sync all your Pulp accounts over your devices such MacBook or your iPhone etc.
  • Various bugs present in the previous versions have been fixed.

Bottom Line:

Pulp is a distinctive and novel newsreader that helps you turn your favored news reading sites into a personalized newspaper. It has made scanning and searching through the news easily accessible and quicker and more enjoyable. When you combine multiple newsfeed on a single page, you can quickly access and scan through multiple articles and feeds and photos and topics that are of your interest in less time. It not only provides news about the hot topics or politics but it has everything in it. Politics, sports, entertainment, weather forecasts, you name it and it is there. With a friendly interface and sharing as easy as one tap, Pulp is your to go newsreader on your iPad and Mac.

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Compatible Devices iPad
Version Off App 1.5.2
Version iOS 5 or later
Size 4.8 MB
Developer Acrylic Software
Genre News & Magazines

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