The summer of 2016 will always be remembered in the app world for the Prisma fever almost everyone caught and honestly, I was hit hard. Prisma was one of the few photo editing apps that have really impressed me. Prisma allows users to transform their digital picture into works of art with Prisma’s 40+ filters that are inspired by iconic artists. Stepping away from the usual filter, we see in most photo editing apps, Prisma used AI cloud processing to enhance photos, the results were intricate and amazing due to multi-layer image interpretation technology that has been in the work for the past few years now. Prisma was the brainchild of Russian developers who managed to really dazzle the audience.


A year or so after its launch, the buzz about Prisma has somewhat died down yet the latest version continues to rake in a 4-star customer rating, which goes to show that users continue to appreciate what the app offers. At its initial launch, Prisma could only edit photos; however, the subsequent updated version that was released in October 2016 added video editing to its offering which increased the appeal of the app. However, no app is perfect and where Prisma has its strong points, it also had its fair share of shortcomings, despite which the app really made its name with the likes of Instagram, WhatsApp, and the Facebook app in terms of user reviews and ratings. Let us talk about its features and areas where the app falls short.

The Filters

What started with just a handful of filters have now grown to 40+ choices, and many free choices available in the Prisma Store, today’s Prisma users are spoilt for choice when transforming their plain digital pictures into wondrous pieces of art. One can clearly see the inspiration for most of the filters have been styled of great artists such as Van Gogh, Picasso, Levitan, Mondrian, Kandinsky and more. However, you do not have to be an art lover to appreciate how marvelous some of these filters are and the choices are continuously growing. Oh, did I mention the latest “daily additions” to the filters?

It should be noted that not all filters suit all types of photos, some are better for portraits and others for landscapes, so I suggest you play around and experiment.

Editing tools

Not interested in applying the filter on the entire photo? Then the multi-layer interpretation will allow you to apply your desired filter on the background or to yourself with the “Clip-in Background” option, allowing you to create images that are even more interesting and varied in depth.  I really find this feature cool cause why stick to just one? Go crazy and apply different filters on different layers of your photo! You also have the power to select the strength of the filters by scrolling left or right on the photo, there is a tutorial for this when you start using the app.

The In-App Camera Feature

You have a choice between selecting photos that are stored on the phone and taking fresh ones with the In-app camera. The camera feature can be best defined as basic, there is no HDR or other advanced features so you just go in and take a picture and forget about image settings and all that jazz. The camera works fine in ideal conditions.

Video Enhancing

The video enhancing option was a later addition to the app, users of iPhone 6 and newer can apply filters to short 15 second videos

Image Processing

This is one area where the app really lacks, because of the AI cloud processing each image goes to the Prisma image processing cloud servers where it is analyzed and the filters are applied. The image goes through a process of uploading and downloading, which means the filters cannot be applied instantly and the process can take a few seconds and even minutes when the servers are busy. In addition, at the peak of its popularity, due to the heavy traffic servers would fail to work which meant there were many disgruntled users, however, this problem exists no more. Some users still report the app crashing from time to time, which is a problem the developers must rectify.

User Interface

Prisma is an easy to use app with a clean and simple layout. The app’s user interface is extremely user-friendly. The short tutorial when you use the app for the first time is helpful and you do not have to guess to figure out all the features.

Bottom line

I was impressed when the app first came out, and after using it again after a year, I am still a fan of the app. It is simple, easy to use, creative, fun and most of all its free to use. Although there are still a few loose ends, but they really do not take away from the purpose of the app. After all, no app is perfect but Prisma is pretty good.

App Ranking

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Compatible Devices iPad, iPhone, iPod
Version Off App 3.3.2
Version Requires iOS 9.0 or later
Size 72.6MB
Developer Prisma labs, inc
Genre Photo and Video

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