If you love making music, this review will lead you to an amazing app that is highly recommended by musicians. Nanoloop is one of the most trusted apps for music making and it is popular for its efficient features and its simple user-interface. Nanoloop has simplified creating electronic music as it performs as a sequencer, synthesizer, and sampler all on one single platform. Hundreds and thousands of electronic music producers have benefitted from this amazing app. Some of the widely popular electronic music producers have used Nanoloop in the beginning of their career, and some of them still used Nanoloop.


The reason why Nanoloop is widely popular is that it offers a wide range of features. Some of the most prominent features include:

  • Nanoloop has an easy to use sequencer that is suitable for rhythm and melody
  • It offers automatization of all parameters
  • It has 8 channels and each can be synth or sampler
  • Nanoloop offers 8 patterns per channel
  • Sample via microphone and Resample option is available
  • It offers Polyphonic FM-, PWM- and noise synth
  • Nanoloop has a Song editor with loop function
  • Sharing is made easy, and you can send and receive projects via e-mail
  • Nanoloop also offers the WAV export option
  • You can share projects and audios via file sharing apps like Dropbox. Though it is only possible when such an app is installed.
  • MIDI sync with other devices


Nanoloop is perfect for all the young musicians who have just started mixing and want to have a simple-to-use app that offers a ton of features. The best thing is that Nanoloop is not too expensive, it is available for only $3.99, so it is not like the young artists would have to wait for ages to plan making an investment and purchase an easy-to-use & efficient app. So, this app is a gem for new learners specially.   


Though Nanoloop is an amazing app and it is perfect for young learners and as well as experts, the users are now impatiently waiting for a new update as Nanoloop was last updated on Dec 11, 2014. It has been nearly 3 years since Nanoloop has updated the app. Even though this app is a classic, but there are a few things that the customers are demanding that ume software, SP should seriously consider to keep the users engaged. Simple things like adding a few new features to enhance the user experience and to him him/her make quality music more efficiently. Nanoloop should also consider adding more ‘share’ options. In today’s social media world, it has become highly important to add an easy option so that the users are able to share their work on social media platforms without any hassle. It would be a good idea to improve the app before ume software, SP’s amazing app is being forgotten.

Bottom line

Nanoloop is indeed an amazing app, it offers a wide range of features that are very helpful in making professional electronic music. It is cheaper than several other electronic music creator apps. But, the fact that Nanoloop has not come up with an update bothers some of its users; and according to some of the user reviews, they would like to see some necessary changes in the app. So, no matter if Nanoloop is a perfect app or not, the users are looking up for an update. Though very few other similar apps offer more features than Nanoloop, but Nanoloop has its significant place and it is one of the most recommended and highly trusted apps of the electronic music producers. This app has provided a good platform for many amateurs and has helped them in exploring the world of electronic music. So, if you are a young electronic music producer and are passionate about producing electronic music but after gather enough knowledge about electronic music, then before you invest in proper equipment, till than you can start making your electronic music with the help of Nanoloop. The price of Nanoloop is also a significant point why this app is so popular. So, start playing, recording and sharing your own electronic music today.

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Compatible Devices iPad, iPhone, iPod
Version Off App 3.26
Version Requires iOS 5.1.1 or later
Size 1.8 MB
Developer ume software, SP
Genre Music

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