A few years back when the ridesharing service started catching on, it really transformed the way people were traveling, those who would usually hail a cab were booking rides through our smartphone on an app. People were choosing the ridesharing service over taxis due to cheaper rates, convenience and in many cases, you can expect a better quality ride. In the year 2017 the ridesharing industry, although in its infancy, has really hit an all-time high as it completely takes over taxis. Among the most popular ridesharing service providers in the U.S is Lyft, it operates exclusively in the US, however, there are talks of the company expanding its services to other countries. Lyft is very much like Uber, which is the top online taxi service company in many parts of the world. The concept, the services, and the mechanism are almost the same: you download the app, signup, and log in via email, request a ride using the app, the app provides you information about the estimated time, info about the driver, vehicle type, estimated fare and it will also inform you when your ride arrives. After the ride has ended, you will be asked to rate your driver, so on so forth, pretty simple and easy.

The app is an essential part of the service and since the very beginning users have been comparing Uber and Lyft’s app for their practicality, features, ease of use and more, because it is the app where you first encounter the real difference between the two companies. Lyft differentiates itself with its brighter, more fun, fun and perky style, although since 2016 the company has been making changes that have made the app even more similar to Uber’s.

The Lyft app is free to download and use.

I remember sometime back in 2015, the Lyft app lacked a few essential like the ability to request a wheelchair accessible car, which means they were missing out on potential riders but now positive changes have been made, which I am totally on board with.

The First Step

When you first download the app to your iPhone or iPad the sign-up and login are pretty simple and straightforward. One thing I really love about this app is how simple, quick and effective the entire process of requesting the first ride it. That brings me to the second aspect that I love about this app – The User Interface.

The first time you open the app you will be greeted by many promotions offered by Lyft, they usually reward users for referring the service, and also offer other limited time discounts and offer

User Interface

The Lyft experience begins as soon as you open the app, therefore Lyft has paid special attention to developing a user-friendly app, which they continue to improve with time. From booking your ride, to learn about the driver, the location of your car on the live map, helping you identify the car and finally rating your experience and tipping your driver, the entire process goes pretty much seamlessly. You can also choose the type of service and car you would like to request through the app, all the different options and requirements have been laid out in a simple and easy to understand manner.

Real-Time Visual Map

This is a feature both Uber, Lyft, as well as many other apps,  share – a real-time visual map that allows you to watch your driver’s progress to your location, you can also choose a waypoint on the map along with your route.

Pre-booking Rides

Using the Lyft app you can also pre-book a ride for a later time.

New App for Drivers

Recently, Lyft announced the launch of their standalone app for drivers, something that Uber had and used it as a competitive edge. The purpose of the new stand-alone drivers’ app is to provide drivers with a tailored user experience that helps them with the task. Previously, both drivers and riders used the same app, in different modes.  

Bottom Line

If you are in the US, it highly likely that you have more than one ride booking, ridesharing apps on your smartphone, and Lyft is one of them. I like the fun, happier feel that the Lyft app carries. The app is simple to use, nicely designed and effective.

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Compatible Devices iPad, iPhone, iWatch
Version Off App 4.45.3
Version Requires iOS 8.0 or later
Size 160 MB
Developer Lyft, INC
Genre Travel

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