Keynote is one of the most enhanced presentation app for iOS that is launched with the task to enable it’s users with the power to create and publish presentations containing interesting themes and slides of simple and different designs. You can provide the presentation: with animations and transitions. It makes you able to give a stunning touch to your presentation. For adding information and details you can use columns, bars, charts pick up a layout and do much more.


In professional world you need to display your projects through presentations and iOS launched the Keynote for the very purpose. It’s features and updates allows you the power to create better and better presentations with delicate graphical features enclosed.

Beautiful Themes

Keynote just like the other iWork suite, has same interface as that of Numbers and Pages. They do as well share the same looks, and provide such unique uniformity to the user that he feels them all to be bonded together. It offers 30 stunning pre-designed themes to help you start off your presentation without hassle and from scratch.

Easy to Navigate

Keynote is a very simple work application that above all iterations doesn’t step up from providing the opportunity ‘to create’. A dedicated help button is present and since keynote is such a focused and a huge app with tons of features becomes necessary. It gives you a good look all over the Keynote. Besides users can easily navigate through the presentation and rearrange, add or remove slides easily at any time.

Editing Tools

The transitions and animations one stand-out feature of Keynote as text with animations and good transition makes a presentation not only being graphically better but also makes the person attracted towards it and they not only see what you are trying to show them but also enjoy your presentation. Keynote allows you to add magical moves and move and place objects via simple touch, drag and drop which makes things even more compelling for the person designing the presentation.

Sync Progress With iCloud

iWork suite works their best with iCloud allowing files to be shared with the rest world so does Keynote. With the inbuild iCloud, your files and date is shared across all the devices and is genuinely up to date. You are able to check your files through any iOS device whether being Mac or a PC or an iPad. You can also access on your iPhones. Just visit iCloud and then access your work.

Other Special Features

Keynote also offers few amazing additional features for which the users may require to have the wi-fi or data connection available. The presenter can even highlight via apple pen during presentation. Keynote also allows the presenter to present the presentation on external screens and navigation of presentation via Apple watch app.

Bottom Line

If you are on regular basis making presentations for your work I reckon you get to your Mac or PC or grab your iPad as soon as possible and pick a theme out of those 30 magnificent Apple designed themes, give it a layout, data, animation and transitions that go with your presentation and then skim through the presentation using the slide navigator. After you are done with it share your via iCloud and let the professionals look at your presentation and your file is shared across all deviced. Though the app is available on the iPhone but for it having a smaller display screen creates hurdles in creating a classy presentation unless you have iPhone 6+.

App Ranking

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Compatible Devices iPad, iPhone, iWatch, iPod
Version Off App 6.0.5
Version iOS 10 or later
Size 659 MB
Developer Apple Inc.
Genre Productivity

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