FlightTrack 5 is one of the most promising traveling app and indeed one of the most popular flight tracking apps available on Apple’s store. It is basically an updated and advanced version of the app FlightTrack which was originally built up for iOS 7.0. FlightTrack5 is aimed to keep track of the flights, and also keep you updated about every bit of information associated with your flight; ranging from flight updates arrival and departure timings too. For sure you’re going to say that tracking the flights haven’t been such easier. In short, you’ll get access to the flight information while sitting anywhere. Here we shall discover more about this app. Let’s take a look.


FlightTrack 5 has come up with many promising and helpful features. We shall unveil each of its features as we proceed with the app review.

Coverage Zone

FlightTrack 5 offers you a detailed coverage about the flights, travel locations and so on. It provides international coverage of more than 3000 airports; and as far as airlines are concerned, FlightTrack 5 has coverage for around more than 1400 airlines worldwide. It also provides details regarding the aircraft, airtime, current speed and altitude of the plane (this is exclusively for the flights of North-America). Moreover, Aircraft tail numbers can also be tracked when they are available.

Planes Tracking

FlightTrack 5 provides you with the real-time status updates about the flights. It notifies the plane’s departure time, arrival time and the delay time (if any). You‘ll also get notified if the flight has been canceled and the app lets you find the alternate flight with just a few taps. It updates you with the current flight status by sending you the notifications and also helps you to find/ identify your gate number (if available). So basically, you get a hold on the plane’s activity which makes your journey more comfortable and soothing.

Moreover, the advanced visual tracking lets you track your plane at each interval and you can trace the path you are heading towards.


FlightTrack 5 gives you an absolutely beautiful view of the locations in the form of maps. You can also trace the live flight maps with the help of satellite and weather radar imagery, and can also view the map in a bigger view using zoom in options. With the help of maps, you will also be shown the actual flight paths (in real-time) when available; so that you can visually see the location and can also get a view/ insight of the track. Determining path also helps you to see your start point and end point.

Maps are not just limited to show the location of the plane, but also cater the view for airport terminals and aircraft seat maps.

Search Option

With the help of search option, you can search the available flights, airports, finding routes and much more. You can just view your flight, or also you can get an entire view of all the flights scheduled for that day for specific airlines on the particular airport.

With the help of search option, you can search the available flights, airports, finding routes and much more. You can just view your flight, or also you can get an entire view of all the flights scheduled for that day for specific airlines on the particular airport.

Travelling Details

Now all the traveling details are just at your fingertips! You can get/ mark the following details using the FlightTrack 5 app:

  • You can mark your flight(s) on the calendar (you can also add the associated details with it as well)
  • You can get your flight details and can access your upcoming flight with the help of FlightTrack Today, which is basically the Notification Center widget for iOS, which notifies you about each bit and real-time changes by sending notifications to your device

Travelling in a group? Have got friends from different regions for a planned destination? With FlightTrack 5 you can also add travelers to your trip so that you can also track your friends and can get to know who is on which flight, and also the flight details associated with them. In this way, all of you can stay connected and get traces of each other for a collaborative trip.

Weather Forecast

One of the most important things while checking out a particular zone is the weather conditions; you can check the weather forecast for the particular of intended travel location with the help of this app, which makes it easy for you to determine the weather conditions and also helps you plan accordingly (whether it is safe to take a flight in the specific climatic condition or nor, when to travel to have the best possible weather, and so on).

Flight Notes

Small notes are sometimes worth important to save and keeping with you as they might be needed anytime. You can make flight notes while traveling or marking a flight such as a seat number(s), airline name, departure and arrival time, pre-booking notes, or some important stuff to take along with you, and so on.

Moreover, you can add the confirmation number as well, which sometimes really turn useful while making a confirmation or stuck with booking next or alternate flights (helpful even at the time of cancellation as well).

You are free to add notes as much as you can!

Share Option

Once you have added your flight in the app, you can share the flight status with your friends and family to keep them informed about your trip via iMessage/ SMS, e-mail, AirDrop, and also you can share on social media as well like Facebook and Twitter. And if you are on a trip, you can also share all of your flights via e-mail or AirDrop.

Thus, it doesn’t make any difference that where you are, you can always share your flight status and details with your near and dear ones!

Other Special Features

The Tripdeck Service

The Tripdeck service helps you to make the most comprehensive use of the app. All you have to do is to sign up for a Tripdeck account in the FlightTrack 5 app and forward your confirmation emails to Once you have done this, Tripdeck service adds all the associated flight details to the app, including a confirmation number, flight timings, allocated seats, and so on.

Even if you are using multiple e-mail accounts, you can forward your flight confirmation e-mails to your Tripdeck account, and all the information will automatically be added to the app.

Manual tracking

If you are not registered for Tripdeck account or don’t want to use that, you can add flight(s) to track manually. Tracking can be done by number, airport, or route.

Well- Designed User Interface

The add-on to this app is that the user interface has been designed nicely so that the users do not found any sort of ambiguity or difficulty while using the app. Moreover, beautiful maps and interactive interface make it contentment to use the app.

For Apple Watch

FlightTrack 5 has got special support for Apple watch as well. It has got notifications for the real-time changes in flight such as flight status and gate changing. Using the iWatch, you can get the information and can see the flight progression at just a glance.

All the travel details of yourself, your friends or family can be seen instantly; for the current or upcoming flights. So it is just like a matter to seconds to get all the flight details/ updates on your fingertips!

Bottom Line

As far as we have seen the amazing features of this app, also keeping in mind that the huge number of people are using this app on regular basis for the sake of keeping updated with the flight details, makes it worthy to use. Moreover, push notification system constantly notifies you (24/7) regarding the changes or the updates related to the flight(s). It is, in fact, one of the most popular flight tracking apps on Apple store, and no doubt it is; as you can get a whole travel detail package bundled in this app, what else more you want!

App Ranking

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Compatible Devices iPad, iPhone, iWatch, iPod
Version Off App 5.3.2
Version iOS 8.0 Or Later
Size 38.0 MB
Developer Mobiata LLC.
Genre Travel

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