The weather app above all! Dark Sky app for the iOS has made a name for itself through its fantastic user interface, and hyperlocal weather forecasts that are sometimes so accurate that it is hard not be impressed. By the developer Jackadam, the Dark Sky app comes with a high price tag, well, at least as far as weather apps are concerned but the developers seem to have done themselves proud with this one with its amazing features and custom weather alerts.

Features: The Dark Sky app has been able to differentiate itself with its unique features that set it apart from the many runs of the mill, conventional weather apps that we all know about and have used at some point in time. It is due to a few distinctive features that have made Dark Sky more superior to Apple’s weather app. So let us explore the Dark Sky app’s top features

Hyperlocal Forecasts: The first thing that has really impressed me about the Dark Sky weather app is its ability to provide weather information about your location with the help of GPS and the device’s location information. This means that you are not getting weather forecasts based on your town, city or zip code.

Custom Notifications

Another unique feature that almost no other weather app offers, the Dark app will give you a notification when it is about to rain or snow, it also allows you customize your alerts, you can choose to be altered when any rain, light rain, moderate rain or heavy rain only. The notifications can also shut down, but that would defeat the purpose of the app.

Accuracy: it is a fact the weather forecasting is not an exact science, there is always some inaccuracies and room for mistakes. However, all things considered, the Dark Sky’s accuracy in weather forecasting and rain predictions has impressed me enough that I would as far as to say that it is one of the best weather forecasting apps available. After the introduction of crowdsourcing and self-reporting features, the forecasts have improved even more.

Radar Map

An amazingly beautiful and useful feature of the app is the Radar map that animated shows storm systems for the course of the coming week over a 3D globe, which to be honest, looks really cool, much cooler than a flat map design that most radar maps on weather apps.

User Interface

Coming to the design or the user interface of the app, it has a clean, minimalist and premium feel and look to it that made me feel that I was using a first-class app that has been designed with great care and attention. A tight monochromatic theme looks sharp and resonates with the name and branding of the app, which makes me think that the developers have thought this aspect of the app through. When you open the app, you will see the current temperature in the large black circle located on the top, middle of the screen just under your current location, over the ring you can find the current condition, on the either sides of the circle is the low and high-temperature prediction and beneath that you will see hourly prediction in the form of a graph. Other information can be accessed by scrolling down, left and right.

Bottom line

When you are shelling almost four dollars for a weather app, it may seem a little pricey but I truly believe that Dark Sky is able to deliver for that price. Its unique features, intuitive user interface and design, its amazing accuracy that works most of the time when combined really make sense for the price tag. So if you are ready to pay, then I totally suggest the Dark Sky as your go to weather app on your iPhone or iPad, you will not be disappointed because you will be receiving weather predictions and notification tailored for you. This app is simply much better than the Apple weather app


Compatible Devices iPad, iPhone, iPod
Version Off App 5.2.9
Version Requires iOS 8.0 or later
Size 20.8 MB
Developer Jackadam
Genre Weather

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